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FarmDrop closes for a short time each week so farmers can harvest, deliver, and restock their products.

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Blue Hill, Maine - Fresh Local Food Handmade Just for You


GSA launches a new educational program with FarmDrop, an L3C social enterprise business started in Blue Hill 6 years ago, that has now expanded statewide, and come back to its town of origin with a new story to tell. With the support of the Blue Hill Wineshop, Healthy Acadia, Fairwinds, and Healthy Peninsula, FarmDrop has survived multiple transitions in this beautiful coastal town, mostly reiterating the idea of how to increase year-round access to a local food economy. With the local winter farmers market at Mainescape, the wonderful and vibrant summer farmers markets at the Blue Hill Fairgrounds, and Tradewinds’ Local Section, the FarmDrop-led conversation gets to play a new role in the Blue Hill Community: Education and Food Security. In addition we continue to be dedicated to farm viability and our local producers’ stewardship of our natural resources, to benefit the common good.

In engaging students in the day to day of FarmDrop, GSA will support student education around local food systems, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. These students will also be fundraising for their school lunch program fund called Food For Thought. Every time a community member orders on FarmDrop, there is an added 10% that gets added to their cart (capped at $10), which will now go towards operating the FarmDrop, and supporting our community’s families to afford lunch for all GSA students.

How is this service for you?

• Buy local produce from a farmers’ market with a simple click
• Save time and money by planning your meals ahead of time
• Allow farmers to harvest only what they know is already sold
• Participate in the food security projects we run with no additional effort

Our Partners

FarmDrop was developed in 2011 by George and Mary Alice Hurvitt of The Blue Hill Wineshop, and made possible by the generous support of the Community Health Alliance, now administered through Maine Farmland Trust. We cannot thank them enough for their leadership.

In 2016 FarmDrop operations were transferred to Healthy Acadia, in partnership with Fairwinds Florist, to continue to provide this wonderful service to community members and local farmers.

FarmDrop is a community-based project that supports the local food economy, working alongside Healthy Acadia’s Gleaning Initiative and Healthy Peninsula’s Magic Food Bus to ensure a vibrant economy and provide more fresh food to community members in need. We thank you for your participation!