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Bagaduce Farm

Bagaduce Farm

Our Story

In 1934, my in-laws, John and Claire Spencer Evans commissioned this wee farmstead on the bonny banks of the Bagaduce River "Bagaduce Farm," a portion of the Archibald Haney Plantation claimed at the close of the French and Indian War c.1760. A German immigrant, John Henry, settled here in 1816 and members of his extended family continued farming until the earliest days of the 20th century. "Rusticators" from away began absorbing abandoned salt-water farms for summer retreats from the press of life in the city. We have raised a variety of farm animals focusing on Heritage-breed pigs since 2005. With the excess fat produced by the pigs and fresh whole milk from our Jersey cow, we created a collection of traditional artisan soaps for personal use. Today, 60% of the ingredients are from local farms and gardens, and the remaining oils are all Certified Organic. We recently reformulated our base soap recipe adding Jojoba Oil and bees wax to enhance the luxurious feel and extend the life of each bar.

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