Quill's End Farm

Quill's End Farm

Our Story

Quill’s End Farm is a grass-based farm and micro-dairy. Our undergirding philosophy is simple: “All flesh is grass. All grass is soil.” For you to eat nutrient-dense foods that promote good health, those nutrients must be present in the soil, be available in the pasture, and be eaten by the animals. We are working toward ecologically healthy, regenerative stewardship of the land and raise our animals just as close to God's design as we can manage. We raise and sell grass-fed beef and veal, eggs from pasture-raised hens; and pork raised in the woods and on pasture. Our fresh, unprocessed cream-on-top milk and dairy products (from cows and goats) are available only at the farm. Quill's End Farm has been a leader in efforts for food sovereignty in Maine seeking to protect traditional foodways, food freedom, increase access to Maine raised food, and encourage more community-based food production. Quill’s End Farm is protected farmland under Blue Hill Heritage Trust’s Farmland Forever Program and is a Maine Farmland Trust Forever Farm.

Vendor Review

  1. 5 out of 5

    predictable quality and taste

    We love getting our annual supply of whole chickens, and occasional cottage cheese. (Our laying chickens do well with supplemented yogurt from QE)